Online Selenium Training With Real Time Scenario

SELENIUM TRAINING COURSE CONTENT Introduction ü What is automation testing ü When to go for automation ü Different automation tools (vendor & open source tools) ü Advantages of  automation ü Difference between manual testing & Automation testing process                                     Introduction to selenium ü What is selenium Tool ü Use of selenium tool in automation ü Features of selenium tool ü Differences  between selenium and other tools Selenium Components ü Selenium IDE ü Selenium RC ü Selenium WebDriver ü Selenium  Grid Configuration of selenium IDE & Dev. Scripts ü Installing/Downloading Selenium IDE ü Features of Selenium IDE ü Recording/Creating your first test with Selenium IDE ü Script Debugging in Selenium IDE. ü How to save recorded script ü Running the script ü Selenium Action Commands ü Assert ü Verify ü Adding Selenium IDE comments ü Synchronization commands ü